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ORCD is showcasing the products of the UNODC-supported farmers from Paktika in a National Exhibition held in Kabul today. The exhibition was attended by high level authorities.

These fruits were grown by farmers who were supported by ORCD as part of BADIL project funded by UNODC.

ORCD Products in National Conference


ORCD representative in PDC and PHCC meeting in Nuristan

PDC and PHCC meeting in Nuristan


Exposure visit facilitated as part of the Boosting Alternative Development Innovative Licit Livelihoods Program in Paktika, Paktya and Nangarhar Provinces

Exposure Visit in Paktika

Mobile health team funded by WHO providing health services in Ghazni to vulnerable population

Mobile Health Team by WHO


Meeting in the Upper House of the Parliment to receive high performance medal plus appreciation award for contribution in implementing projects successfully and transparently in various fields in Afghanistan.

Thanks to the Leadership of the Senate for entrusting us. The true credit goes to the staff of health facilities and their managers who are the front workers in saving lives

Upper House Appreciation Letter


ORCD is in fact recognized a model of replication for having strong HR systems. Our HR Manager is showcasing the best practices and secrets of success in a workshop attended by many NGOs in Afghanistan

HR Manager at AICS Workshop


Clustering of Community Development Councils (CDCs) in Yahyakhail district of Paktika as part of the Citizen Charter Afghan National Priority Program (CCNP)

Clustering CDCs in Yahyakhail


ORCD's BADIL project which started around 10 months ago with the financial support of UNODC is now producing the desired results. No matter whether the scale is small, it has contributed to the economy of farmers and women in Nangarhar, Paktya and Paktika provinces.

ORCD BADIL Project Results


Baseline Survey -Interview with a farmer in vineyard rehabilitated in Paktika Province with the financial support of UNODC as part of the Boosting Alternative Development Initiative for Licit Livelihood (BADIL) Project. The project is implemented by ORCD in coordination with the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL), and Department of Counter Narcotics (DoCN),

Baseline Survey in Paktika

ORCD launches Afghan context Community-led Total Sanitation Project in Sozmaqala district of Sar-e-Pul Province.

The project, funded by FHI from its IHSAN project, is part of the commitment of ORCD for strengthening the Afghan Government's efforts toward improving the living conditions of people. The customized CLTS Program for Afghanistan aims to contribute in achieving the Water and Sanitation (WASH) goals toward the ultimate improvement in the quality of life of rural communities

Community triggering exercise in SarePul

نصب سيستم سولر در مرکز صحی اساسي غجور ولسوالی جاغوری، ولايت غزنی
نصب و راه اندازی موفقیت آمیز یک پایه یخچال واکسین با سیستم برق شمسی تمام اتومات برای نگهداری واکسن ، مطابق با استانداردهای جهانی و نهایت پیشرفته

Solar System in Ghazni


تیرکال د غزنی ولایتی روغتون د بیخ بنا د تقویت لپاره یو مجهز او عصری تعمیر جوړولو وروسته دادی د واغظ ولسوالی جامع مرکز لپاره هم د یو الحاقیه تعمیرد اعمار کار د او ار سی ډي د انجنیری ټیم له خوا په خورا امانت داری  سره تکمیل شو. په دی سره به د واغظ کلینک د ځای ستونزه ترډیره حده رفع شی. دا تعمیر د ولسوالی په سطح د اړوند تسهیلاتو له کبله په دغه ولسوالی کی ساری نه لری

Waghiz Truma Care Unit


Coordination meeting with the heads of health facilities in Zabul Province. Reviewing the performance of their health facilities, our Project Manager in Zabul (Dr Abas) is discussing with them issues how the maternal and child mortality could be reduced and the communities as our clients could be satisfied of our services.

Coordination Meeting with heads of HFs in Zabul

Law reinforcement authorities chiefly police receive a formal training by ORCD in Laghman about how they could effectively be instrumental in eliminating gender based violence (GBV).

The project is sponsored by Colombo Plan through INL funding.

Law reinforcement authorities training

د سعودی پاچا سليمان د خيريه مؤسسی نماينده ګانو سره په دی هکله خبری کوو چی څنګه وکولی شو د سعودی عربستان مرستی د افغانستان د آبادۍ لپاره جلب کړو .

هییت ته د ORCD

هکله هراړخيز معلومات ورکړل شول او دا مو ورته واضح کړه چی په تيرو څو کلونو کی زمونږ د مؤفقيت رازونه څه و

Meeting with KSA Releif


A two-day workshop on Reproductive Maternal and Child Health (RMNH) annual review workshop in three batches was successfully conducted in ORCD Sarepul Training Center.

RMNHTraining in Sarepul

Blood Transfusion training started for the training of 20HFs health workers of ORCD from Saripul, Ghazni and Zabul as part of SEHAT project.

Blood Transfusion Training


Supported through our UNODC project in Nangarhar, our project staff distributed Dairy related itesms like (Hens, Bio security kit, enrofloxacin, piperazine, Glucose and etc)

UNODC Project Dairy Items

Selected as a role model for replication at National and international level, ORCD has been given an opportunity to share its success stories in the National Civil Society Workshop organized by the Afghanistan Institute of Civil Societies (AICS). This workshop was held in Herat Province 26-28 June-2018.

AICS Workshop in Herat


Conducting of ORCD Annual Technical and Management workshop of all its projects implemented in 13 provinces including 3 BPHS in Saripul, Ghazni and Zabul as well as Citizen Charter in Ghazni and Paktika Provinces.

ORCD Annual Workshop


د زابل ولایت شاه جوی ولسوالی روغتون خواکی د الحاقیه تعمیر کار جریان په دی تصویرونو کی ليدلی شۍ. 
دا تعمیر د OCHA د مشترک بشری فنډ یا Common Humanitarian Funds په مرسته د دغه ولسوالی د روغتون د بیخ بنا د تقویت په موخه جوړیږی. په دی تعمیر سره به په دغه روغتون کی د خدماتو د ځای ستونزه تر ډیره حده کمه شی، او روغتون به وکولی شی چی خپل خدمات په ښه توګه سرته ورسوی.

ShahJoy Construction


Assisting rural families in Nangarhar Province to have facilities for their backyard poultry. They will be able to improve their economic situation through these low-investing interventions made possible through an UNODC-funded project under BADIL.

BADIL Project in Nangarhar


Private Public Partnership (PPP) in Nuristan: 
د نورستان هغه شخصی روغتيايی کتنځيو کارکوونکو ته په اړونده صحی موضوعاتو زده کړی وروسته، هغه طبی او غير طبی وسايل ورکړل شول کوم چی دوی ته د عامې روغتيا د وزارت د روغتيايی سيستم د تقويت يا Health System Strengthening HSS پروژې له ليارې په نظر کی نيول شوی دی. دا پروژه چی تيرکال پيل شوی، دری کاله دوام کوی.

ددی پروژی په ترڅ کی به ليری پرتو نا امنه سيمو کی تقريبا 30 شخصی روغتيايی کتنځيو کارکوونکو سره لازمه تخنيکی او مادی مرسته کيږی ترڅو هغوی وکولی شی په مؤثر توګه د مور او ماشور په ناروغيو او مړينو کی د زيږيدنی پوری اړوند او واکسين خدماتو وړاندی کولو له لياری کموالی راولی.

که دا پروژه نه وای، هغوی به نشو کولی چی ميندو سره د ولادت په مهال ضروری مهارتونو او وسايلو نشتوالی له کبله مرسته وکړی.

PPP in Nuristan


Inauguration of Pato Sub Center Jaghori, Ghazni

Inauguration of Pato Sub Center Jaghori

As part of SEHAT 2 Project of the Ministry of Public Health, 24 Community health nurses completed 24-month community nursing education. They got their graduation certifications in a ceremony that was held yesterday.

The program was facilitated by us under the oversight of Ghazni Provincial Public Health Directorate

Nursing Graduation Ceremoney


ORCD in Paktia as part of a project funded by UNODC tilted Boosting Alternative Development of Licit Livelihood (BADIL) support the establishment of backyard poultry farming targeting 200 women in Paktia apart from 400 others in Paktika and Nangarhar. ORCD offers training to these women, provide layers, poultry feed, medicines as well as integrated management and market linkages establishment.

In addition, through this project, support is provided to the Animal Husbandry and setting up women-based diary enterprises development in Paktya and Nangarhar. Through this a total 200 farmers are technically supported by offering capacity building programs on livestock management and basic dairy production and provide extension services helping them facilitate market linkages. The project also facilitate access to animal health services through cooperation with the district Veterinary Field Units.

Paktia Badil Veterinary


Laboratory Training to a total 15 lab technicians of Ghazni C1 and Zabul Provinces was conducted by National Central Lab Department facilitated under SEHAT 2 and SEHAT 3.

This competency based training was very self in sharpening the skills of laboratory technicians working in remote health facilities

lab training


امروز ۳۴ کارمندان صحی جامعه که بصورت رضاکارانه در جامعه خدمت خواهد کرد، بعد از اخذ سه دوره تریننگ اساسی به همکاری نزدیک صحت عامه زابل با اعطای تصدیقنامه و کیت های اساسی تقدیم جامعه زابل گردید تا باشد اندازه مرگ و میر را کاهش دهند.

CHW Training Zabul


اغاز کارهای مقدماتی فعال سازی مراکز صحی فرعی جديد در ولسوالی مالستان .
از اهالی محترم ساحات دور افتاده ولسوالی مالستان و جاغوری (قاب جوی شامنصور)که سعی ORCD را در تقويت تلاش های رياست صحت عامه غزنی را مورد تقدیر و تشکر قرار داده و از فعالیت های شبانه روزی مان قدر دانی نموده و روحیه انرژی بیشتری جهت عرضه خدمات بهترو خوبتر بخشید، بسيار تشکری ميکنيم



Farmers' Day in Paktya: ORCD's booth displaying its services in Paktya

On April 04, 2018, ORCD participated in the celebration of Farmers’ Day organized by the Department of Agriculture and Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL) in Gardez, Paktya. The ceremony was attended by the Provincial Governor (Shamim Katawazi), provincial directors, PDC members and local farmers. ORCD had a booth through which it provided information about its ongoing BADILL project to the Provincial Governor and other participants of the ceremony. Please find attached some photos of this event.

farmer day paktia


ORCD’s CEO with the Afghan Minister of Public signing contract for BPHS in Ghazni C1

ceo with minister


Eng Zabihullah Yousufzai receiving appreciation letter on behalf of ORCD in the recognition of his best performance in the renovation of KUH HFs

Eng Zabih Appreciation LEtter


ORCD is the major Facilitating Partner of the Citizen Charter Programme in Paktika Province under the stewardship of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). 

In this photo, you can see the members of the elected Community Development Councils (CDC) in Allayar village of Yahya Khail District who conduct prioritization exercise of the needs of their villagers

CCP Program in Paktika


په ننګرهار ولایت کی ميرمنو ته د چرګانو د خصمانی او بزګرانو ته د غوره کرکيلی په هکله روزنه ورکول کيږی.

دا پروژی د ORCD له خوا د بدیل معشیت د پروژی لاندی چی د UNODC له خوا تمویلیږی او د ښځو چارو رياست، مخدره موادو په ضد رياست او دکرهڼی ریاست سره په همغږی سرته رسيږی.


په هلمند کی:
دعامی روغتیا د وزارت د روغتیایی سیستم د تقویتی پروګرام Health System Strengthening لاندی، ORCD د عامی روغتیا د ریاست د لارښونی لاندی ۱۵ هغه ښځینه روغتیایی کارکوونکو ته چی په شخصی معاینه خانو کی خدمات عرضه کوی د IMCI ټریننګ دایر شو.

د IMCI ټول موضوعات د کوچنیانو د ناروغیو په هر اړخیز تداوی باندی راڅرخی چی روغتیا کارکوونکو ته یو لړ ساده مهارتونه ورښودل کیږی ترڅو په کمو امکانانو د ماشومانو خطرناکه ناروغیو لکه اسهال، سینه و بغل مخه ونیسی.

Health System Strengthening


په پکتیکا ولایت کی بزګرانو ته روزنه د ORCD له خوا د بدیل معشیت د پروژی لاندی چی د UNODC له خوا تمویلیږی د کرهڼی ریاست سره په همغږی ورکړل شوه.

ORCD UNODC Paktikajpg

په پکتيکا ولايت کی د بزګر د ورځی د نماځنی په مناسبت د پکتيکا محترم والی صاحب الياس وحدت له خوا ځينی وسايل او اصلاح شوی شوی تخمونه يو شمير بزګرانو ته توزيع شول.

دا توکی د ORCD له خوا هغوی ته د UNODC سره د يو تړون له مخی د افغانستان د کرهڼی وزارت، او د مخدره توکو په وړاندی د مبارزی د وزارت په همکاری تهيه شوی دی.

بزرګران به ددی توکو په مرسته وکولی شی چی دخپلو باغونو توليدات په بی ساری توګه زيات کړی، او په دی توګه به په ولايت کی په عمومی توګه د اقتصادی حالت په ښه والی کی مرسته وکړی.

Farmar Day in Paktika By ORCD


Distribution of food and NFIs, Paktika province 

Distribution of food and NFIs, Paktika


ORCD attending the Pre-Proposal Conference which was conducted by the Grants Contract and Management Unit (GCMU) of the Ministry of Health. In this conference, MoPH officials gave clarification about the Request for Proposals for the Provision of Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in 10 provinces of Afghanistan. 

ORCD has been shortlisted for Ghazni, Paktika, Khost Provinces and will be placing its bids for the mentioned provinces accordingly.

ORCD attending the Pre-Proposal Conference


ORCD provides secretariat support to the WFP coordination meeting in Paktika Province. The representative of WFP, Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Paktika, and Representative of ORCD attended this meeting

 WFP coordination meeting in Paktika Province


Under seperate contracts with WFP and UNHCR, ORCD is distributing food and non-food items to a total more than 7,000 displaced population in Barmal District Paktika Province. These people are displaced from North Waziristan due to conflicts and Pak army operation

person from North Waziristan receiving aid


Displaced population from North Waziristan queuing for receiving non-food and food items donated by UNHCR and WFP in Barmal

Distribution of Aid in Barmal


Eng. Usman our highly experienced and intellegent staff member delivering lecture to the people of Waziristan in Barmal of Paktika before they receive non-food and food items

Eng Usman in Paktia


ORCD Monitors with IDPs in Maidan Wardak province.

ORCD Monitors with IDPs in Maidan Wardak


ORCD facilitating the National Solidarity Programme in Jani Khail District of Paktika Province

National Solidarity Programme in Jani Khail


Our seasoned field monitors are visiting households door by door in the internally displaced population (IDP) camps of Ningarhar province.

Our seasoned field monitors


Anti-TB Service Delivery trhough Mobile Health team to Internally Displaced Population in Ningarhar Province.

Community-based anti-TB service delivery through DOTs strategy


A Smile for a Brighter Future. A session of the literacy training conducted by ORCD

Training Conducted by ORCD


ORCD Baghlan: A reminiscent of improved seeds distribution to farmers in Baghlan -e Markazi. Farmer seems happy of services offered to him.

Photo credit: ORCD, May 2012

Seeds Distribution to Farmers in Baghlan-e-Markazi


It was indeed worth investing. One of the farmers in Baghlan -e Markazi, Afghanistan is happy to see the yield of his summer vegetable production -the project implemented by ORCD in Baghlan

Farmer in Baghlan-e-Markazi


Kelagai Community LeaderThe community mobilization team of ORCD discussing the finalization of starting Literacy Training Program in Kelagai with the community elder.


ORCD_DaikundiORCD Daikundi: Do work with men at the same time so that both men and women can learn and change together. 
A project photo taken during training aimed at women empowerment in Daikundi province