Education and Helping Rural Poor

Education for Orphans 
A couple of weeks ago, the President in Afghanistan rang school bell to commence new academic year across Afghanistan. We did it our way. With funding raised through this program ORCD will buy and distribute school bags and stationery to the children of poor families - most of them orphans to bring genuine smile on their face. 

Feeding Poor
In addition, this fund could be used for feeding poor during the Ramadan. There are a number of families in our database who are in desperate need of support. All your contribution will be brought to their doorstep by the volunteers of ORCD which means each cent you donate will reach the needy. 

Health for Rural Poor 
Helping poor families to treat their families members will be another area targeted by your donation. Only few days a mother was sick on labor. Their families were so poor that they could not afford their treatment. They were about to dig grave for the mother and were making preparation for their burial. Minimal help brought smile on this family. 

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